Ultra Calm Equine™


Ultra Calm Equine™ is a Premium Horse Calming Supplement that is used for…

  • Nervousness & Anxiety.
  • Improving Focus & Relaxation.
  • Training & Desensitizing.
  • Better Performance & More (see full details in product description).

It is available in a 1 lb bag and costs as little as 25¢ per dose for an average 1,000 lb. horse. It can be fed daily or as needed right before an event.

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Ultra Calm Equine™ is a premium horse calming supplement that can ease the Nervousness and Anxiety associated with Training Horses, Desensitizing, Trail Riding, Trailering, Sporting Events such as Barrel Racing, Mounted Shooting, Roping, and more! Ultra Calm Equine is not a tranquilizer and will not dull your horse’s performance or inhibit their ability to learn. In fact it will enhance their ability to learn while keeping them safer to work with. Horses don’t think well under pressure and they don’t think at all when they are scared! Below are some of the more common situations in which giving Ultra Calm Equine to your horse can be helpful…
  • All Training situations for better focus and retention.
  • Desensitizing Horses… including sounds (fireworks & gunshots).
  • Working With & Retraining Ex-Racehorses.
  • Training & Handling “Hot” & Nervous Horses.
  • Calming & Rehabilitating Rescued Horses.
  • Starting Colts and introducing Green Horses to new situations.
  • Working with extremely Head Shy Horses.
  • Training Horses to go into a Trailer.

Grooming & Shoeing

  • Relaxing Horses for Shoeing & Trimming.
  • Body Clipping & Mane Pulling.
  • Wrapping Legs – especially with touchy horses.

General Uses

  • Calming Horses when moved to a new home or boarding facility.
  • Trailering your horse short or long distances.
  • Separation Anxiety (Buddy Sour).
  • Grieving the loss of their buddy.
  • Quieting Horses on Stall Rest.
  • Quieting Horses returning to exercise after Rehabbing Injuries.
  • Relaxing Tight Muscles especially when returning to training after a layoff.

Recreational Events

  • Trail Riding!
  • 4H and Gymkhana Events.
  • Non USEF or FEI Horse Shows & Schooling Shows.
  • Relaxing Rope Horses in and out of the box.
  • Barrel Racing for a more focused run.
  • Mounted Shooting… Self Explanatory! 

The list can go on and on but I think you get the picture!

Dosing: If your horse is being trained or acting out on a regular basis, then it would be best to dose him daily until his behavior improves and he calms down. If he only acts up in certain situations like trail riding, shoeing, going to events, or trailering, then just dose him an hour before you leave or have to work with him. Ultra Calm Equine mixes easily with any pelleted feed or bran. Please note that all suggested equine dosages are based on the average 1,000 lb. horse.

Ingredients: A proprietary powdered blend of Premium Quality Valerian Root & Magnesium for optimal results! No Fillers or Binders, just pure premium active ingredients!

*Please note that Ultra Calm Equine will test in USEF & FEI shows because it contains valerian and is considered a performance enhancer! Check with your association for their rules regarding this and how soon you need to pull it from your horse’s diet before you show so it won’t test through. Do not feed to a pregnant or nursing mare.

Additional information

UCE Size & Price

Half lb. $23.95, 1 lb. $39.95